Hamburger Kugeln

Hamburger Kugeln werden komplett ohne Mehl, ohne Weizen, ohne Zucker, ohne Bienenhonig, ohne jegliche Lock- und Konservierungsstoffe, chemische Zusätze oder andere für Ihren Hund schädliche Komponenten hergestellt. Ich verbürge  mich für die Qualität meiner Trüffel.

Ihre Tatiana Gritsenko


All truffles include only 4-5 ingredients, which are also suitable for human consumption. The recipes were developed with an aim to use as few ingredients as possible, because it is more suitable for dogs as well as for their owners, since everybody wants to know, what does he precisely feed to his dog. The truffles are baked at lower temperatures, so they must be really cracked and chewed by your pet.

There are many different sizes of truffles: for big and smaller dogs, as a snack or simply as an award, if you want to do something good for your dog. All ingredients are purchased and processed by myself, so i guarantee the quality of my truffles.


Tatiana Gritsenko

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    Christina (Dienstag, 13 Mai 2014 15:04)

    My dog really loves them!

  • #2

    Tatiana Gritsenko (Dienstag, 13 Mai 2014 15:30)

    Oh, thank you for your comment!))